Lasting power of attorney

What is a lasting power of attorney?

A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legally accepted provision put in place whilst you are still of sound mind, to allow a family member or person of your choosing, to make decisions for you when you are no longer capable.

The lasting power of attorney allows the person of your choice to make decisions regarding your health and welfare and your financial affairs in the unfortunate event that you may lose the mental capacity, such as dementia.

At Faith Williams Law we are experienced with ensuring your lasting power of attorney allows your needs to be met if the need arises. We can talk you through the whole process and make sure your wishes are clear.

Our lasting power of attorney specialist offers a free legal consultation to discuss your requirements and let you know what to expect. We offer fixed legal fees, so no nasty surprises or unexpected costs.

Our legal team will talk you through all aspects of the lasting power of attorney (LPA) and what you can include in the document which can include financial affairs, health and welfare arrangements.

Arranging the LPA does not mean that you have to give up control of your affairs at that time it is security in place, outlining your wishes whilst you are able to make the decision in sound mind, and uncoerced. In order to protect you in the future when your judgement may no longer be sound.

The appointment of an attorney just puts the person of your choice in a position by law to take over your concerns when you are no longer able to yourself.


Finance and Property LPA

An attorney that has been designated with a finance and property lasting power of attorney, can act for you as soon as you see fit, and the power has been registered. Enabling them to deal with your financial concerns and assets.

So your attorney can manage everyday finances for you like paying bills, managing your bank account and other routine tasks. The lasting power of attorney can provide them with a lot more power such as, over your estate and investments. The level of control needs to clearly defined in your LPA.

Our specialist will discuss clearly all the implications of the powers and tailor their rights to your unique needs.


Health and welfare LPA

If you designate a health and welfare attorney they can only act for you when you are considered to have lost mental capacity to make decisions for yourself. So a person that has a health and welfare power of attorney can make decisions for you on medical care and living arrangements.

If you agree and allow it in the LPA they can also make decisions on treatment that is life sustaining.

Our specialist team can also assist you if you have a family member that doesn’t have a lasting power of attorney in place and is no longer able to manage their affairs.

We can apply to the Court of Protection and assist through proceedings to be appointed as a deputy, allowing you to support them by managing their finances.

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