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Faith Williams Law are dedicated to helping you with medical negligence claims and ensuring you have the right advice and support.

Medical negligence can cause life changing issues. Our experienced and compassionate team of medical negligence solicitors are here to make sure your legal rights are protected and you get the best legal service by your side.

Our medical negligence team offer a free legal consultation to assess your unique medical negligence case and advise you of your rights and next steps. We take the time to understand what your going through and the impact your negligence case has had on your life.

We are here to help support you through your issues offering clear, no jargon advise and best practices to deal with your unique case. Our medical negligence service will fight to get you the answers and the compensation you deserve,

What is Medical Negligence?

As a patient needing medical care you have to put your trust and faith in medical professionals. Medical negligence is when errors have been made by the medical professionals entrusted with your care, or when they fail to meet best practices in the duty of care.

When your existing condition is made worse by medical professionals or their decisions on your care lead to injury, it is medical negligence.

Medical negligence can occur in several different ways such as, an incorrect diagnosis, the wrong treatment or through surgical mistakes. Whatever issues you have had with our solicitors are here to support you through your claim and towards the best outcome and compensation available.

How to make a medical negligence claim

Our professional medical negligence team are here to help, come and have a free legal consultation to discuss the viability of your case and how much compensation you are likely to receive.

The sooner you contact us to start your medical negligence claim the better. The details will be clearer in your mind and if the care provider at fault admits liability from the outset, you may be able to get interim compensation payments towards rehabilitation costs.

Interim compensation can be sought prior to the cases final verdict and full compensation settlement. Interim compensation is a huge benefit to supporting you with costs that you will accrue from the impact on your life the medical negligence has caused, which can differ on a case by case basis.

Is there a time limit for making a medical negligence claim?

The normal timeline for initialising a medical negligence claim is within three years of the negligent medical treatment.

In some circumstances people don’t realise from the outset that the cause of their worsening condition or new set of symptoms, is due to medical negligence.

The claim time limit can be extended for circumstances such as:

Children: a child involved in a medical negligence claim has until they’re 18th birthday before the three year rule is brought in. So any negligence claim for children is legitimate until their 21st birthday.

Mental Capacity: If a person is deemed as having limited understanding of everyday issues. Which may lead them to not understand that what has happened to them shouldn’t have happened, or that they are due compensation for this error. There is no limitation put on when they can claim.

How long do medical negligence claims take?

Medical negligence claims vary greatly in length to settle the claim, dependent on a variety of aspects unique to your personal case.

If the care practitioner to blame for your negligence claim admits liability this will obviously speed up your compensation claim, which would mean you should receive your final settlement in a few months.

Unfortunately, if you have a more complex claim and the medical professionals at fault are denying liability or arguing over symptoms or injuries sustained the medical negligence can drag out for a considerably longer time.

Please, don’t let this put you off if your case is complicated. Our medical negligence solicitors will support you all the way and make sure every legal aspect is dealt with in a way to make the case go as smoothly as possible. When we finally get you the compensation you deserve it will all be worth it.

Some of our previous medical negligence clients have said although the money is important to support the extra care they need. Just as importantly, is when those at fault have finally admitted they are to blame. So they no longer feel like they were making a fuss or false allegations.

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