Monica Clifton

Family Lawyer

Monica is a Senior Family Lawyer and Mediator in the Family Law team.

Call: 01522 262130
Email: monica@faithwilliamslaw.com

Monica’s story

Monica has been a Family Law Practitioner for 40 years, having previously been the head of the Family Law Department at another local law firm for 10 years. Monica has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Family Law.

Monica can offer help and advice to people when their relationship comes to an end, or help them plan for the possibility of that happening. This may relate to the process of separation itself, the related consequences for their finances, or care arrangements for their children. She has experience in advising both heterosexual and same sex couples, whether married or in a civil partnership;couples who live together, or have lived together; and those who have children together but have never married or lived together.

Monica has an extensive experience in high-net-worth cases, which often involve complex issues, and pension arrangements. In every case, she will always work hard to achieve the result which is right for each client, whist also making sure they have a clear understanding of the possible outcomes from the start.

Monica has been a member of Resolution for more than 20 years (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association) and upholds its commitment to resolve disputes in a non-confrontational and pragmatic way where possible whilst insuring that she always protects her client’s interests.

Monica also qualified as a Mediator in 2012 and is a member of the Family Mediation Council and the Family Mediation Association.

Away from the office Monica enjoys baking and periodically will go on a baking spree, she also has two gorgeous border collies and is a big fan of various cheeses.

Our law firm’s primary goal is to provide each client with the highest quality legal services and to obtain a fair and equitable resolution for each client. This goal will be accomplished through our solicitors’ diligence and dedicated work within the confines of the law and through a cooperative working

relationship between our law firm attorney and client. Our qualified solicitors  in Lincoln resolve most legal disputes through negotiation, mediation, or compromise. Legal matters that are not settled in this manner will be litigated either before a judge, commissioner, a jury, or an arbitrator.

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